FAQ - About the Galapagos and Ecuador

Welcome! Here we answer all your questions about the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador

Frequently asked questions about Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

Overall, Ecuador is a very liberal and open country. To enter Ecuador, one must have a passport with at least 6 months validity. A tourist visa allows travelers to stay in Ecuador for up to 90 days per year. However, we advise you to check with your local embassy regarding the visa and entry requirement for your country. From November 2018, all visitors must provide proof of their return flight ticket and hotel/accommodation reservations before entering the Galapagos Island. More information is available here.

Check out our climate tables here.  Generally speaking, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are all-year destinations, thanks to their tropical climate.

The official language is Spanish besides other official indigenous languages such as Quechua and Shuar. English is also used frequently, especially in hotels, restaurants, cruises and tourist-frequented areas. Local tour guides usually speak both English and Spanish. However, do not worry about the language barrier as the Ecuadorians are very friendly people and are eager to help visitors!

Since 2000, the US dollar is the official currency in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. We recommend that you use both cash and credit cards. Traveler’s checks are generally no longer accepted. Ideally, use smaller bills up to $ 20, otherwise, you might experience problems with the change. The ATMs can be found in many drugstores, such as Fibecca and local banks. Daily spending is estimated to be around $300.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the Galapagos Islands.

The Galapagos Islands is an archipelago of volcanic origins, located in eastern Pacific, around 960 kilometers west of the South America continent.

Want to find out more about the unique Galapagos Islands? Find out more here.

Peak traveling seasons in the Galapagos Islands are around Easter, Christmas and new years. July and August are also popular traveling periods for visitors. Most hotels and ships offer the same price throughout the year, however, this may vary for others. Please check with prices with us.

The Galapagos Islands can be visited all year round. The best travel time depends on the climatic conditions in which you want to experience the unique wildlife. If you want to see the big fishes, the second half of the year is ideal. If you prefer hot summer weather, we recommend traveling between January and May.

More information regarding the weather and climate available here.

If you really want a list of the most beautiful islands in the Galapagos Islands, here is our list:

  1. Fernandina
  2. North of Isabela
  3. Genovesa (bird paradise)
  4. Española
  5. North Seymour
  6. Bartolomé

The first three islands are only reachable by cruise. These islands are visited by the least amount of tourists and are largely untouched. With island hopping, you will get to visit islands in the inner archipelago. Nevertheless, all four inhabited islands are worth visiting and our bestseller “Mission Paradise” island-hopping tour brings you on on the best routes.

Despite the given list, every island in the Galapagos Island has its own unique flora and fauna. We offer tours to all 140 visiting spots in the Galapagos. Check out our list of the top 10 attractions in the Galapagos Islands.

While we are experts on the Galapagos Islands, we are not doctors or certified medical personnel, and we recommend you contact your local doctor for more information.

No, the Galapagos Islands are one of the most protected regions in the world. Souvenirs in the form of stones, plants or feather are strictly prohibited and failure to abide by these rules may result in prosecution. All passengers will be subjected to a tight security check before departing the Galapagos Islands.

That is possible but is it seldom the case. Most cruises are very stable but if you are still concerned, we suggest sailing with bigger cruises or catamarans. We highly recommend cruises such as Santa Cruz II and La Pinta, as well as catamarans such as Anahí and Tip Top II. Another good way to avoid seasickness would be to travel between December and June where waves are calmer in contrast to the other half of the year where the Humboldt Current brings in cooler currents and higher waves. Larger ships also usually have a doctor on board who has medication against seasickness.

Bigger ships often have a doctor onboard, however, smaller ships will have to turn to bigger ships for help or sail to the nearest port, which can sometimes take up to a day’s time. On the islands itself, there is a hospital in Santa Cruz island and two medical stations in Isabela Island and San Cristóbal Island. The stations also include an ophthalmologist and dental care. For serious cases, transport to Guayaquil must be made.

All flights to the Galapagos Islands have strict regulations on baggage allowance of 23 Kg. Hand carry should not exceed 8 Kg. Please weigh your luggage beforehand to see if purchasing an extra baggage allowance is necessary. Domestic flights within the Galapagos Islands only have a baggage allowance of 11 Kg, however, passengers may purchase up to 23 Kg worth of extra allowance. This should be booked when purchasing the flight tickets.

Please check with your local embassy regarding visa requirements to travel to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador.

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Frequently asked questions on planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos cruise will bring to remote islands such as Fernandina, Isabela, Floreana, Santiago and Genovesa Islands. Some islands cannot be reached during a day tour, and hence are not feasible for island hopping. Traveling with a cruise is also a great way to travel comfortably, with everything you need onboard.

For island hopping, you will only get to the islands located in the inner archipelago while exploring uninhabited islands during a day tour. The perks of the island hopping option is that you get to explore at your own pace and get to experience life on the islands! We recommend booking your day tours in advance as boats usually only have a capacity for up to 16 passengers.

At Galapagos PRO, we recommend travelers to do a combination of both, this way you can explore the remote islands while taking some time to soak in the laid back life in the islands as well as enjoy the company of the unique wildlife.

We would say ideally a minimum of seven days up to three weeks. There is just so much to see and experience in the Galapagos archipelago. Travelers are allowed to stay for a maximum of 60 days without a visa. To better protect the islands, only 5000 guests are allowed to be in the Galapagos Islands at the same time (including those onboard the cruises).

At Galapagos PRO we recommend traveling with children above six years old and are already able to swim. This is because most tours take place by at the sea or by the beach, with most activities involving taking a boat and snorkeling. By rule, cruises only allow children above six years old onboard, and we recommend sailing with larger ships such as the Galapagos Legend. This is to ensure that children have enough space to run around and there are also family cabins in these larger ships. Of course, you can take your child along to explore this wonderful archipelago, however, please note that young children are not allowed onboard day boats for safety reasons. More information on traveling with children can be found here.

This is rather rare, however, some cruises offer special prices for children with three-bed cabins. Usually, children will have to pay the price as adults for day tours, and the same goes for transfers. Most hotels offer family rooms and island flights also include prices for children. For more information, simply speak to one of our Galapagos experts.

The Galapagos Islands is gradually turning into a no smoking region. As for now, smoking is not allowed on uninhabited islands and smoking is only allowed on specific areas on the cruise such as the deck.

Many hotels are also non-smoking hotels, and smoking is prohibited onboard the day boats. Please respect these unique and endangered habitats of the Galapagos Islands and the oceans. Please dispose your cigarette butts and packaging in a proper bin and do not litter or worst, throw it into the sea.

At the moment, it cost 100 USD to enter the Galapagos and it must be paid upon arrival at the airport.

In order to travel to the Galapagos Islands, one would have to go through two procedures: firstly during departure at either Quito or Guayaquil, visitors would have to register as visitors of the Galapagos Islands. The term for these changes rather often – some call it INGALA – another TCC – transit control card – etc. This document costs $ 20, which must be paid in cash at the airport counter. The National Park Entrance Fee, currently $ 100 for adults ($ 50 for children under 12), must be paid in cash at Galapagos Seymour Airport (Baltra Island) or San Cristóbal Airport. Another check of entry and travel documents will take place.

The 100USD entrance fee goes directly to funding environmental conservation, species protection and administrative work in the Galapagos Islands. The revenues are split between the different authorities and institutions.

Upon arrival in Isabela Island with a speedboat or an inter-island flight, visitors have to pay 10 USD which contributes to the renewal of infrastructure on the island. This fee must be paid in cash.

Traveling around the Galapagos Islands is really simple, and since there are not many streets and pathways, it is difficult to get lost there (unless you stray off to some off beaten paths intentionally, which by the way, is not permitted). Transport infrastructure on the islands is rather limited. Below is a brief summary of the available infrastructure.

  • All transfers and transport are carried out during the day (It is dependent on daylight and there are no additional lights at the port and docks.)
  • There are no hotels at the airport.
  • Car rental is not available and public buses, as well as taxis, often charge a fixed price.
  • Transportation in the Galapagos was originally planned with only the locals in mind, therefore till today, it can be rather uncomfortable but extremely inexpensive.
  • Traveling with speedboats can be very uncomfortable in the second half of the year – from July to December – as the sea can be rather choppy.
  • Speedboats travel a maximum of two times a day between uninhabited islands – in the morning and early afternoon.
  • The capacity for the maximum number of passengers onboard is often limited, therefore we strongly advise travelers to prebook their tours and activities.

Simply contact one of our staff and we will arrange the booking of tours, transfers, and transportation for you. This way you can be sure that your booking is safe and secure.

Flights to the Galapagos Islands depart only from Guayaquil or Quito. Direct flights are around 90 minutes. Flights coming from Quito always have a stopover in Guayaquil. Airlines that offer flights to the Galapagos Islands are Avianca, Tame (the national airline of Ecuador) and LATAM. It is not possible to travel to the Galapagos Islands by boat/ferry. However, the ports at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Puerto Ayora, Puerto Villamil, and Puerto Floreana are open to cruises, day tour boats, and speedboats.

Simply contact us for more information and we are eager to provide you our assistance. Before traveling to the Galapagos Islands, we recommend spending at least a night or even two in Ecuador. To avoid missing your flights due to delays, we strongly advise against proceeding with the transfer to the Galapagos Islands immediately after your international flight into Ecuador. Also, we suggest that you book your flight through the cruise provider. This way, they will wait for you in the event that your flight is delayed.

Many customers often tell us that they found cheaper tickets online, however, please note that these prices are only applicable to Ecuadorians. If you book such tickets, you will have to pay extra at the airport. Contact us directly so that we can book the best flights for you.

Relatively speaking, it is possible to travel to the Galapagos Islands with your own boat, since the ports at Puerto Baquarizo Moreno, Puerto Ayora, Puerto Villamil, and Puerto Floreana are international ports. We would love to offer you our expertise and to help you plan a smooth and exciting trip to the Galapagos.

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Frequently asked questions about Galapagos Islands Cruises

The question would be if you prefer bigger or smaller ships. Big ships in the Galapagos can take up 96 passengers. Such ships are usually very comfortable and safer to travel with, also there is usually a doctor onboard. Bigger cruises travel faster and are able to accommodate the needs of its guests. We do not recommend smaller ships for elderly passengers and those with reduced mobility as there is usually only one guide onboard and hence if the pace of that tour does not suit you, there would not be a second tour to switch to. Our experts at Galapagos PRO know the ships well and can help you choose the right one depending on your needs. Let us know if you are more prone to seasickness, or if you have other requests such as wanting a cruise tour with more snorkeling opportunities, active adventure activities or a multilingual guide. Simply speak to one of us!

We recommend booking as early as possible if you already have a fixed travel date in mind. The Galapagos cruises are available for booking up to 2 years in advance. There is only a capacity of 1,650 cruise spots per week in the entire Galapagos archipelago and 90,000 a year. That is not much considering the popularity of the Galapagos cruise tours.

If you are more flexible and are not looking at any specific ship, you are welcome to contact us one month before your desired trip (or even more briefly). This way we may be able to get you a last-minute deal for you. However, there are also months when the Galapagos Islands are almost completely booked, especially around Easter and Christmas, as well as the months of July and August, which are used by many ships for dock-stay.

The Galapagos National has restricted the ratio of passenger per nature guide to 16 guests to one guide. Therefore, 90 percent of the cruises in the Galapagos Islands are designed for exactly 16 guests. There are less than 10 large cruises in the Galapagos Islands with a capacity of 96 passengers. Within these bigger ships, guests are separated into groups of 16 passengers each tour and excursions. However the term ‘cruise’ here should not be associated to those in America, here in the Galapagos Islands, the cruises are merely for accommodation and traveling purposes and most activities take place on the islands. For environmental reasons, all cruises in the Galapagos are subjected to rules and regulations set by the Galapagos National Park.

Check out our selection of ships here.

  • Our experts at Galapagos PRO have a clear preference for different cruise routes in the Galapagos Islands, as not all ships travel to the best spots. Some small and budget ships only travel to the inner archipelago, which might not make sense as these spots can be reached on a day tour during an island-hopping tour. It is important to choose a route that sails to the remote islands in the archipelago. For those who want to experience the islands thoroughly can choose a complete cruise tour that goes for 15 days and 14 nights. A short classic Galapagos cruise is around 5 days/4 nights. These are the general cruise routes offered in the Galapagos Islands:

    We have named the routes after the animals which you can only see along this route. For example on the Cormorant West Route is the only route where you get to see the flightless cormorant, and the Albatross only on the Southern Route. Contact us If you like to know more about the cruises and their respective routes.

The ships differ in their level of comfort. For example, the smaller hotel boats only offer bunk beds while luxury ships offer spacious suites and various selection of rooms. No ships are designed the same way as the other and to ease your selection process, we have categorized the ships here. Besides varying interior design and amenities available, the ships also offer different routes as they have to be approved by the Galapagos National Park. If you have any specific questions, we are eager to answer them for you.

Prices indicated for the Galapagos Islands cruises do not include the National Park entrance fee, drinks, tips, and diving suit. Everything else should usually be included. All-inclusive cruises which include all of the above are the Celebrity Xperience and Flora. Tea, water, and coffee are free of charge on most ships as well. A bottle of beer cost around 5 USD and for a bottle of wine, one would have to expect to pay more than 30 USD. We recommend to give tips at the end of the cruise and not after every service provided.

You can read more about tipping in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands here. Snorkeling equipment is included in the price, while diving suits are available for rental at 10-15 USD per day. Please note that not all ships accept credit card payment and all additional expenses must be paid onboard. Contact us to find out more about the available payment method for each specific Galapagos ship.

Your day onboard a Galapagos Islands cruise is very organized and well thought out. Here is a quick example of how an itinerary would look like for 90% of the ships. All activities are stated in the cruise program.

7:00 am – Breakfast

8:00 am –Shore leave with activities such as trekking or snorkeling and swimming at a beach or bay, depending on the itinerary.

12:00 pm – Lunch and free time (The ship sails to the next spot)

14:00 pm – Shore leave in the afternoon with activities such as trekking, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking or even exploring places with glass bottom boats.

18:00 pm – Briefing regarding the following day’s activity.

19:00 pm – Dinner, followed by a video presentation and free time.  

As a single traveler in the Galapagos Islands, you can choose to either share your cabin with another guest or pay for the entire cabin completely. Usually, shared cabins are not subjected to a surcharge, however, some ships may do so. For your convenience, we have put together a list of ships which are suitable for single travelers here.

You do not need to worry about your safety onboard the Galapagos cruise as the crew is professionally trained to respond to any emergency or security-related matters. For safety reason, almost all ships have an “open-door policy” to ensure the safety of all guests. There is almost no crime in the Galapagos Islands and most thefts are actually carried out by tourists. As a general rule of thumb, always remain alert, take care of your belongings and keep valuables and cash out of sight.

Yes, cabins in both small and large ships have their very own private bathroom.

We advise you to book your flight through the respective cruise provider. By doing this, you can be guaranteed that the ship will wait for you in case of any flight delay. Also, when you book through them, they would offer a pre-check-in service by helping you out with all the necessary formalities during your check-in and also pick you up at the airport. If you choose to book the flights yourself, the cruise provider may sometimes charge you a premium price between 50 – 80 USD per person for such services.

In such a case, please call the emergency number of your cruise to let the crew know. The emergency number can be found in your travel document. If the flight is booked through the cruise provider, you can rest assured that the ship will wait for you. As mentioned before, if the flight was booked by you, it is possible that the ship would not wait for you. If this happens, a refund is not possible, according to our terms and conditions.

Around 60 days before departure, travel providers would report the number of unsold spots on each respective cruise. If there are remaining spots, prices would fall up to 30%, 60 days before departure and even up to 70%, 30 days before departure. However, cruise providers try to refrain from allowing such huge price differences as this may lead to dissatisfaction of other guests onboard. It is possible that in the future, last minute cruise deals may no longer be offered. Since Galapagos is truly a place you must not miss, we highly suggest that you book and plan the trip ahead instead of depending on last minute deals with little guarantee.

That is almost impossible and not recommended as the risk of not getting any spot on a Galapagos cruise is very high. Unlike in other parts of the world, where local travel operators offer last-minute tours on the spot, this is not the case for the Galapagos Islands. Galapagos day tours should also be booked in advance. Although many blogs and websites tell you otherwise, you should check the tours carefully as many do not come with a ship or a guide.

The activities are stated clearly in the itinerary, and the following activities will usually be carried out:

  •     Trekking and hiking through uninhabited Galapagos islands for a maximum of 2 hours (easy to intermediate level), including animal observation.
  •         Snorkeling at bays or beaches.
  •         Canoeing through mangrove swarms or coastal areas.
  •         Kayaking or stand-up padding (available on some ships)
  •         Shore leave excursion to visit the tortoise breeding station or visitor center
  •         Swimming at beaches
  •         Glass-bottom boats (available on some ships)
  •         Educational lectures and video presentation

After all, the best thing about the Galapagos Islands is neither the entertainment onboard the ships nor the delectable gourmet restaurants but the unique flora and fauna found on the islands. With all these amazing activities in store, your trip to the Galapagos Islands will surely be a very productive and enriching one.

Most ships offer great snorkeling equipment for their guests at no extra cost. Snorkeling equipment available usually includes the snorkel mask, fins, and the snorkel. Diving suits, which are essential during the second half of the year, are available for rental with an additional cost.

We have many guests who would like to book both a diving cruise as well as a nature cruise. A Galapagos diving cruise (dive safari) specializes in exploring the underwater world and most activities revolve around diving. That is why it is important for guests to book a nature cruise which takes the Southern or Central route to see the animal kingdom on the islands. For guests who would like to embark on a complete cruise experience, a changing of ships is possible but not recommended as most ships have different routes and visiting the same spot twice may happen. All Galapagos ships are only allowed to visit each visiting point once in every 14 days. To better meet your needs, simply talk to us and we will find the best option for you.

All Galapagos cruises begin with a transfer from one of the two airports in the Galapagos Islands (Airport at Baltra or at San Cristóbal Island). A guide will wait at the arrival hall for the guests. If you are already in the Galapagos Islands before the cruise, please contact the cruise provider for a specific meeting point.  

If you are simply taking pictures for your own use and as a hobby, there is definitely more than enough time. However professional photo/video journalists are required to register with the Galapagos national park regarding their activity.

There are also special cruises where aspiring photographers will be accompanied by professional photographers. During an island-hopping excursion, you can choose to be guided by a local photographer. Simply contact us and we would make the most suitable recommendation for you.

Besides bringing a good camera, we recommend using waterproof camera bags for both professional cameras and phones. Other essential items include SD cards with sufficient storage and camera lense with a good zoom function as some animals can be high up the tree or slightly far away from you.

Internet access while on a Galapagos cruise is a rare luxury. Most ships either do not have internet or are available with an extra charge.

Yes, there is reception onboard the Galapagos cruise, although certain areas in the archipelago would have a weak reception, especially near uninhabited islands. If you need access to the internet, we recommend getting a SIM card in Ecuador or buy it at the airport in Quito.

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Frequently asked questions about Galapagos Island Hopping Tour

Yes, and it saves travelers a great deal of time. We suggest travelers fly from San Cristóbal to Isabela Island (and back) with EMETEBE. Inter-island flight is a great option for those who are prone to seasickness. Inter-island Galapagos flight depart once a day, with a capacity of 6 to 9 passengers. It is important to pre-book this flight as seats are not sold at the airport. The price difference between flights and taking a speed boat is around 100 euros per person. More information regarding Galapagos inter-island flights and flights to Ecuador is available here.

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Frequently asked questions - Preparing a Galapagos Islands trip

Usually, this is not the case, and only a few Galapagos cruise operator such as GO Galapagos would cover this. Please note that all immigration matters, payment of the Galapagos National Park fee and Galapagos INGALA entry fee must be settled and paid by cash by travelers.

This is only a recommended guideline and you are of course free to determine the amount of tips you are comfortable with giving. If you are on a group tour, we suggest discussing with your fellow travelers and pay a single amount together. Otherwise, if you are paying individually, we advise giving around the 3 to 10 USD per day to the nature guide and 2 to 3 Dollars per day to the driver. Tipping on a Galapagos Cruise is not uniform and some cruise providers such as Celebrity Cruises already included tips in their prices. Other cruises will offer advice on tipping and even provide an envelope for it. At Galapagos PRO we offer our guests the following guide for tipping per person:

  • Nature guide – 10 USD per day
  • Staff onboard (altogether) – 15 USD per day

However, if you are extremely satisfied with the service and hospitality you received, you can definitely tip more. All in all, you should give whatever amount you are comfortable with.

The Galapagos cruise usually begins in late mornings after the arrival of guests at Baltra and San Cristóbal airport. Visitors who are already in the Galapagos Islands will meet at the port or at the first visiting spot of the cruise (usually the highlands of Santa Cruz island).

As soon as you have booked your cruise, we will send out a comprehensive packlist to prepare you for your adventures with the Galapagos Islands cruise.

Yes of course. All electronic devices can be charges as long as they are within the range of 110 to 240 volts. If your devices do not have a US plug, we recommend bringing your own adaptor. Some newer ships and hotels may even have USB ports. However, for some older ships, electrical sockets are only available in the common area.

We highly recommend getting overseas health insurance which includes repatriation. The insurance must have confirmation in English and must cover all the countries that you would be in, especially Ecuador and for the entire duration of your trip. The insurance must also cover activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. If you are going on a Galapagos diving cruise, special health and travel insurance would be needed as it is not covered in the normal insurance.

Yes, there is internet in most inhabited islands and almost in every restaurant, hotels and public areas. However, you should expect to have high-speed internet everywhere. Having internet on the Galapagos cruise, on the other hand, is a luxury and it is usually only available on bigger ships and with an additional cost.

Yes, there is mobile reception in the Galapagos Islands, although certain areas in the archipelago would have weak reception, especially near uninhabited islands. If you need access to the internet, we recommend getting a SIM card in Ecuador or buy it at the airport in Quito.

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Frequently asked questions about traveling in Ecuador

Ecuador is situated at the South American Pacific coast between Colombia (north) and Peru (South). The Galapagos Islands belong to Ecuador and are around 1000 kilometers away from the Ecuadorian coast.

Ecuador is divided into four regions – The Andes, Amazon, the Pacific coast and the Galapagos Islands. More information on Ecuador available here.

You can find our list of the top 10 attractions in Ecuador here.  

Ecuador is the Garden of Eden and the country can pride itself in its marvelous nature and wildlife, and rightly so. Even the German researcher Alexander von Humboldt lived for a year in Ecuador where most of his early findings were documented in Ecuador. There is no other place on earth where you can drive through 7 climate zones within 8 hours. A country shaped by natural phenomenal, Ecuador promises a one of a kind experience. Also, in comparison to neighboring countries, Ecuador is very safe for travelers. Besides the Amazon and the Andes, Ecuador’s calm and tranquil coastlines offer visitors a paradise and sweet escape away from bustling touristy areas.

Check our our list of the top 10 hotels in Quito here.

We think that Quito is the most beautiful city in South America! Quito made it to the first top 10 list of UNESCO world heritage site in 1978. Our list of top 10 attractions in Quito is available here. Traveling in Ecuador is easy and affordable, and due to its relatively smaller size, all corners of this amazing country can be reached within a day! Tour suggestions for Ecuador can be found here and all carefully planned Ecuador tours can be found here.

Ecuador is home to delectable dishes with an abundant source of locally grown fruits and vegetables. We recommend visiting the markets to have a taste of the wide variety of treats, hot meals, and specialties prepared by the locals. We offer a food tour, “The Taste of Ecuador – Exclusive Quito Walking Tour” to satisfy your tastebuds! For foodies, we recommend checking out our recommended list of restaurants in Quito.

We have a brief guideline for you below. If you are on a group tour, we suggest discussing with your fellow travelers and pay a single amount together. Otherwise, if you are paying individually, we advise giving around the 3 to 10 USD per day to the nature guide and 3 to 5 USD per day to the driver. Service charge is already included in the price for restaurants and hotels. However, it is always polite to leave a tip if you are satisfied with their service. Taxi drivers usually do not expect any tip and so we suggest rounding up the price. Nevertheless, you should give any amount of tip you feel appropriate or comfortable with giving.

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Frequently asked questions about animals in the Galapagos Islands

All questions about the animal kingdom in the Galapagos Islands are answered on our website. More information is available here. Most animals live on the Galapagos Islands all year round and only a few leave the Galapagos Islands during a certain season such as the Albatross from January to March and the Humpback whale from June to September. Many species, however, are endemic to the Galapagos Islands and you can expect to see many of them during your visit!

Usually, sightings of the blue-footed booby are relatively common. For more information about the blue-footed booby, click here.

For sure! More information on which islands they are at is listed here.

Our answer is 100%, as they are found on almost every island. More information on the sea lions in the Galapagos Islands available here.

You will have a chance to see the giant Galapagos tortoise during every one of our Galapagos cruise or Island Hopping Tour. More information on the gorgeous giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands available here.

Yes for sure, especially upon arrival at Santa Cruz Island. More information on the Darwin finches in the Galapagos Islands available here.

The unique Galapagos penguins can only be found in five places in the Galapagos archipelago. In order to see them, your Galapagos tour must be planned along these routes and we are glad to help you with it. For more information on the Galapagos penguin and where to find them, click here.

The most iconic animals in the Galapagos Islands are the flightless cormorant at Fernandina Island, the iguanas at different islands and around Santa Cruz, the Albatross at Española Island and the Red-footed boobies at Genovesa Island and at Punta Pitt. To see all of these iconic animals in the Galapagos, you have to embark on a 15-day cruise tour or one of our best tour combinations to make sure you would not miss out! Simply speak to our Galapagos experts to make sure you get to see your favorite animals.

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Frequently asked questions about diving and dive-safaris in the Galapagos

All questions regarding diving in the Galapagos Islands are answered here. If you have any specific questions, simply speak to one of our Galapagos experts and are eager to answer your questions and inquiries.

Ideally, you should rent the diving equipment available onboard. Dive safaris in the Galapagos are well equipped to deal with varying water temperature and the challenges of the location. In the description of each dive-safari, you will find a detailed list of the services, amenities, and equipment offered onboard. Please note that airlines no longer provide a discounted price for divers with extra baggage, and additional costs are charged per kilo. For more inquiries, speak to one our of Galapagos experts.  

Yes, we do! We can plan this individually for you. As this activity may not be suitable for everyone, we can plan the tour to match everyone’s need. More information on diving in Galapagos Island can be found here. Simply contact us to tell us about your ideal tour in the Galapagos Islands.