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Before the Galapagos Islands were opened for tourism in the 1960s, the national park authorities and Ecuadorian travel agents sat together to come up with the best way for tourists to experience the islands with the least environmental impact possible. Travelling and visiting the inhabited islands by cruise became the top choice for sustainable tourism. Today, the cruise allows you to visit up to 97 percent of the national parks and is it essential to take your time to explore each unique island. Every island has something different to offer.

Cruise routes and booking your trips safely

Would you feel safe transferring money to Panama, Barbados or Ecuador months in advance before your trip? Travelling to the Galapagos Islands is not a child’s play, and large sums of money are often involved. For example, an average 15-day cruise tour on the Galapagos Islands including departure and arrival in other cities would cost at least 8000 euros per person. Even on a shorter cruise, an estimated amount of 250 euros a day would be required. However many of these vendors have nothing to do with the actual cruise providers, and fake advertisements and scams are relatively common. Therefore it is crucial that you transfer your money to a trustworthy vendor.

We have direct contact with cruise providers and can offer you the best prices available. We operate under the German travel law which guarantees our customers maximum security and assurance. Our terms and conditions can be viewed here.

Kreuzfahrten auf den Galapagos-Inseln

Routes for Yachts and Cruises

There are more than 140 sites to visit in the Galapagos Islands. The routes taken by the Galapagos Islands cruise are fixed to make sure that the animals are not disturbed by overwhelming numbers of visitors, and it remains a unique and individual experience for all. Each route brings you to different islands where you will meet different birds and animals. If you are not going on a complete cruise tour, we suggest that you choose your shorter cruise/day trips based on the animals you want to see and on which islands they are located at. We highly recommend the following islands to you :

Genovesa Island

Española Island

North Seymour Island

Fernandina Island

Bartolomé Island

Cruise Categories

The Galapagos Islands cruise differ in size, capacity, and facilities. The smallest yacht can accommodate up to 12 passengers, and the biggest cruise has a capacity of 100 passengers. While bigger ships may offer a smoother sail for those prone to motion sickness, most modern yacht and cruises have stabilizer installed for ultimate comfort. There are 70 ships in the archipelago with the following categories:

-Luxury Yacht and Catamaran

-Motor Sailboat

-First Class Yacht and Catamaran

-Mid Range Yacht and Catamaran

-Economy Class Yacht

Diving Cruise (with professional diving equipment)

By travelling and exploring the archipelago on a Galapagos Islands cruise, it will surely enhance your experience of this tranquil and secluded wildlife paradise. We have included a wide selection of cruises for you below and every cruise offers different facilities, services, and routes. We are eager to help you secure a spot on your dream cruise, and our team is here to answer any enquiries you may have.