Galapagos Red-footed booby

The Galapagos Red-footed booby - Smallest but fastest

The red-footed booby (Sula sula) are the smallest yet fastest species of boobies. Its wings can measure up to 145 cm. It is estimated to be around 1 million red-footed boobies worldwide and they are particularly fond of breeding in volcanic islands and atolls. Within the Galapagos, they can be found in Genovesa Island, Tower-island and San Cristóbal Island.

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Beautiful Red-footed booby in the Galapagos Islands

Species Conservation

The red-footed booby population is currently not considered to be endangered. They are, however, still under the protection of the national park.


Advice for visitors:

Red footed boobies are found in Genovesa Island and San Cristobal Island all year round. You can get to Genovesa Island with a cruise travelling along the Northern route. Check out our red-footed booby tour!

In San Cristobal Island, the boobies are often sighted at Punta Pitt. You can get there on a cruise travelling along the Southern Albatross route or on a day tour from  Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

A red-footed booby sits on a branch

Habitat and Diet

The red-footed booby favours waters with a temperature around 22 °C and flying fishes that comes with it of course. Like other species of boobies, they are confident and proud divers. Due to their speed, they are able to snatch away flying fishes while gliding and flying.

Furthermore, the red-footed booby is monogamous and faithful to their partners. They have special toes which can cling onto branches thus allowing them to breed on trees or in bushes. However, they often have to compete with frigate birds and seagulls for nesting materials.  

Galapagos red-footed booby sits on a branch preening

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