The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador’s Top 10 Attraction!

Ecuador is a nature and wildlife paradise, be it the Yasuní National park, the highest active volcano or the Galapagos Islands. There is so much to see and do in Ecuador, and every region is unique. Whoever wants to see how God created the world must travel to Ecuador! No place on earth is God’s creation so untouched by human influence like the national parks in Ecuador.

The rankings on our top 10 lists are all personally curated which include both national parks and various places of interest in Ecuador. Activities include experiencing a day with indigenous communities in the Amazon, visiting UNESCO world heritage sites, taking an adventurous train ride in the Andes and many more. Let yourself be surprised by the wonders of Ecuador.

Check out our top 10 lists for each region below!

A Food Heaven

We must not forget to mention the food in Ecuador. Besides the delicious chocolate soup and other traditional dishes, you should definitely get your hands on some freshly squeezed juice from the juice bar. Exotic fruits, medicinal plants and a wide variation of bananas grow aplenty in Ecuador. Dishes from the Amazon rainforest is growing in popularity in the recent years. Ecuador is a hidden culinary destination not to be missed.

Art & Culture

A handful of internationally renowned 20th Century painters such as Oswaldo Guayasamín are from Ecuador. His works are showcased in Cuba, Spain and many other countries. His father is from an indigenous community while his mother is a Mestiza. The Guayasamín museum in Quito is worth a visit. Cuenca is the capital city for liberal arts and culture in Ecuador. Besides Quito, Cuenca is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many beautiful churches and museums are located in the historical city centre. Ecuador has something to offer for everyone. With its incredible nature and diversity, the journey to Ecuador is the destination.