Galapagos Seahorses

Galapagos Seahorse - A snorkel highlight!

The Galapagos Seahorse can grow up to 30 cm long and they can be seen while snorkelling at Los Tuneles and Roca Vicente in Isabela Island.

The Seahorse belongs to the same class as other bony fish. However, their head resembles a horse, thus giving it its name. It has a worm-like tail and prefers living in tropical waters. The Galapagos sea horse is yellow due to the habitat and diet available in the Galapagos, but they are not endemic. To plan your trip better, check out our Galapagos Islands monthly animal activities poster.

Galapagos diving and snorkeling tour with sea horse encounters

Habitat and Diet

What comes across as a surprise for many is that male seahorses are impregnated instead of the females. Contrary to popular beliefs, seahorses do not have fixed partners. They often change partners during each breeding season. Female seahorses lay around 50 to 1000 eggs in the male seahorses’ pouch, in which they carry them to full term.

Seahorses are extremely sensitive to unclean water and areas with little pollution and high water quality are marked by their presence. Seahorses are far from being impressive swimmers and are rather slow as well. They depend on water currents and feed mainly on feed on plankton, small fish and small crustaceans, such as shrimp and copepods.

Species Conservation

Seahorses are protected by the Marine National Park. As they are considered to contain medicinal properties in other parts of the world, they are taken from the ocean in large numbers. This greatly threatens their population. Fortunately, they are heavily protected in the Galapagos Islands.


Advice for Visitors:

You will get to meet the Galapagos Seahorses while snorkelling at Los Tuneles, located at Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island. You can get there with a day tour or on a cruise travelling on the West Route along the western side of Isabela Island.

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