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Cruising the Galapagos Islands

Tourism in the Galapagos Islands developed slowly in the 60s. However, Ecuador has come a long way in financing the planning and development of the Galapagos Islands for Tourism. The National park authorities, as well as the tourism board, decided that the best way to open the Galapagos Islands for tourism is for visitors to explore the islands with a cruise. The cruise minimises the impact of tourism on the islands to the lowest.

At the moment, 67 ships are in operation, and they come in different sizes. Some smaller yachts offer a private and exclusive atmosphere, with room for only 12 passengers. Bigger cruises can carry up to 100 passengers, and this is an excellent option for families with children and those who are prone to seasickness. Each ship and cruise offer different styles, facilities and services. You can check out our selection of luxury cruises and yachts or check out all cruise options here.

Galapagos Islands Cruise – The complete experience

For travellers and explorers who want the full Galapagos experience, a cruise tour is integral to achieve that. Most islands are only reachable by cruise especially the remote islands such as Darwin Island, Wolf Island and  Bartolomé Island, Fernandina Island just to name a few. Therefore we highly recommend you to explore the Galapagos Islands with a cruise.

The best option is to combine a cruise with island hopping. This means spending a few days to explore the remote islands by cruise and staying on inhabited islands for a few days while exploring nearby islands on day tours. This way you will not miss out on the exciting adventures that the Galapagos Islands have in store for you. Furthermore, some species can only be found on specific islands. For example, Albatrosses are only found on Española Island, which is only accessible by cruise.

What to wear?

For you to unwind and relax on the cruise, our advice for anyone is to dress comfortably. The dress code on the cruise can vary from formal to casual. However, the best attire for day trips and excursions are sandals or trekking shoes, breathable long bottoms, lightweight tops, a hat for sun protection and a windbreaker or sweater for the cool windy evenings. Not forgetting swimsuits for the many snorkelling and swimming opportunities! You can also check out our printable checklist here.

Cruise Tours

Dragon Hill at Santa Cruz Island

Ecuador & Galapagos trip with the experts 2025

Duration: 15 - 15 days

This trip is accompanied by Galapagos and Ecuador expert Beate Zwermann, founder of Galapagos PRO.

From ,-
Price per pax

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Dragon Hill at Santa Cruz Island

Ecuador & Galapagos trip with the experts 2025

Duration: 15 - 15 days

This trip is accompanied by Galapagos and Ecuador expert Beate Zwermann, founder of Galapagos PRO.

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Price per pax
Albatross couple

Galapagos Cruise: Southern Albatross Route

Duration: 7 - 7 days
Highlights: Post Office Bay, Snorkelling the Devil's Crown, Albatross Island - Española, Return flight to Guayaquil, Sea Lions, Return flights to Guayaquil

See the unique Galapagos albatrosses on Española during this journey through the southern archipelago.

From 2220,- USD
Price per pax
Red-footed Booby

Galapagos Cruise: Northern Red-footed Booby Route

Duration: 8 - 10 days
Highlights: Red-footed boobies, Bartolomé, Santa Cruz, Plaza Sur, Land Iguanas

Discover the smallest boobys - the rare red-footed boobys in the enchanting Galapagos Islands

From 2280,- USD
Price per pax
Flightless Cormorants

Galapagos Cruise: Western Cormorant Route

Duration: 8 - 12 days
Highlights: Flightless Cormorants, Volcano, Urbina Bay, Isabela Island, Pinguine, Meerechsen beim Schnorcheln

Discover the endemic flightless cormorant on the island of Fernandina

From 3110,- USD
Price per pax
Galapagos Legend

Galapagos Cruise: Smoother Sailing Tours

Duration: 9 - 15 days
Highlights: Large stable ships, Onboard doctors, All Routes, English Speaking guides

Don't let seasickness hold you back! Choose from the finest large ships with maximum stability and terrific itineraries.

From 3350,- USD
Price per pax
Isabela II

Galapagos Cruise Complete

Duration: 14 - 18 days
Highlights: Genovesa, Fernandina, Española, Bartolomé, Flora und Fauna komplett

Take your time to discover the true essence of the Galapagos

From 5990,- USD
Price per pax
Quitos koloniale Altstadt

Gruppenreise Ecuador und Galapagosinselhopping

Duration: 14 - 14 days

Erkunden Sie Ecuador und die Galapagosinseln mit deutschsprachiger Reiseleitung und Naturführer

From 7480,- USD
Price per pax

Galapagos Cruise Deluxe: Quito to the Islands in Luxury

Duration: 10 - 14 days
Highlights: Luxurious ships, Selection of 5 star hotels, Fantastic day trips, Selection of 5 star cruises, Domestic flights included, Personalised service, Fisr class nature guides

Discover the beloved animal paradise in first-class style with Galapagos Deluxe

From 9340,- USD
Price per pax