Entry to Ecuador for tourists still without quarantine

  • Negative PCR test and rapid test on entry from 22 December 2020.
  • Galapagos entry requirements remain the same
  • Tourism on the Galapagos Islands in December already back at 40% of the previous year’s level

Quito/Frankfurt, 22nd December 2020: Ecuador is extending the entry regulations for tourists from Europe from 22 December 2020 to include a Covid 19 rapid test at the Quito or Guayaquil airport of arrival. As before, a Covid 19 PCR test with a negative result will also be required, which must be no more than ten days old. The airports thus remain open to international air traffic, according to a presidential press release (see attachment) of 21 December 2020. The entry requirements for the Galapagos Islands remain the same for international tourists. National tourists must also present a Covid 19 PCR test with a negative result from now on.

Yesterday, Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno had again tightened the pandemic control measures in Ecuador in view of the upcoming holidays and the alarming reports from Great Britain. Compared to the current situation in Europe, however, the country has presented itself since the summer with consistently low infection figures and good forecasts. The president explained at a press conference that this was not to be gambled away carelessly. Furthermore, it is important to keep the country open for tourism.

Ecuador already reopened the Galapagos Islands to tourism in July. In November, the number of visitors was at 25% of the previous year’s level. The booking situation in December suggests a further recovery to 40% of the previous year.

In both the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador, all tourist attractions and national parks have reopened. To enter Ecuador, a negative COVID-19 PCR test (valid for 10 days from collection) must be presented; for the Galapagos Islands, the test must not be older than 96 hours.

For the islands, the complete travel itinerary must also be deposited with the Ministry of Tourism through a local travel provider. Entry without a permit is currently not possible.

Information on Galapagos PRO:

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