01/2021 Galetter – The Galapagos Newsletter

20th July 2021: 01/2021 Galetter »Environment & Nature Ant species discovered in Ecuador; Emission-free speedboat for Galapagos »Tourism Campaign ‘Breathe Again’; Restart Celebrity Flora; Maiden voyage Silver Origin »Ecuadorian products The supply chain law and the banana industry; Recipe of the month ‘Tigrillo’ »Wildlife Protection of sea lizards »Faces of Ecuador Tourism Minister Niels Olsen »Legends and Myths The formation of the volcano Corazón

Dear readers,
Ecuador is on the move – “Breathe again” is the motto after the crisis. With this 01/2021 Galetter – The Galapagos PRO Newsletter – we want to accompany the future of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in a positive way by regularly reporting on the progress. We are happy if our topics interest you and promise lots of positive news. Discover Ecuador with all its facets with us. I am currently on site on Re-Start Tour 2021. Join me! Click here for the video blog.

Yours, Beate Zwermann

»Environment & Nature

01 Galleter Ameisen entdeckt

New ant species discovered

When a species is named after an individual, scientific tradition has dictated that the species name end with an “i” for male or “ae” for female; Strumigenys ayersthey is the first species to break with this tradition.

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Emission-free speedboat

Anyone who has ever taken the speedboat to the Galapagos Islands in August knows how unpleasant the crossing usually is in rough seas. This is to be put to an end in the future. A lecturer at the Escuela Politécnica del Litoral has presented a comfortable (because two metres longer than the usual boats) and also emission-free boat design. It is uncertain when it will be used in the archipelago.

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01/2021 Galetter Riesenschildkröte

Breathe Again

Breathe Again! – is the new slogan the Galapagos Provincial Tourism Chamber is using to woo customers in a campaign to revitalise tourism. As always, there are breathtaking pictures.

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Die Galapagos Kreuzfahrt Celebrity Flora

Celebrity Flora

The Celebrity Flora has resumed operations in the Galápagos archipelago. Since the beginning of July, the 98-passenger luxury ship has been sailing in the archipelago – mainly with US guests. The US market is coming back very strongly, according to the shipping companies. The sister ships Xpedition and Xploration are also sailing again.

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Galapagos cruise Silver Origin Yacht

Silver Origin

The Silver Origin completed her inaugural voyage to the Galapagos Islands in early July. The luxurious expedition ship offers its guests exclusively suites and an excellent ratio of experts to guests (1:10).

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»Ecuadorian Products

01/2021 Galetter Bananen

Supply Chain Act

The new supply chain law brings new developments regarding human rights, trade and distribution relationships. Fruchtportal summarises the implications for the Ecuadorian banana industry.

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01/2021 Galetter Tigrillo


This delicious vegetarian blend of plantains, scrambled eggs, cheese and coriander, makes the perfect meal for any time of day. In Ecuador, tigrillo is traditionally eaten for breakfast, and is a favourite dish of locals, especially on the coast.

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Marine Iguana

Marine Iguanas are found exclusively on the Galápagos Islands and are the only lizards in the world that get their food from the sea. Read here how Leipzig researchers want to protect their populations.

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»Important Dates in July

01/2021 Galetter chagras de machachi

20 July – Paseo del Chagra

Traditional horsemen and lasso games can still be found in Machachi, a small town south of Quito. The video from 2019 provides a small insight into the spectacle, which is well worth seeing. This year, the festival is taking place on a smaller scale.


01/2021 Galetter Simon Bolivar

24 July – Simón Bolívar’s birthday

Deutschlandfunk Nova explored the history of Simon Bolivar and his impact on South American states. Released in 2019, the podcast is still red-hot.


25 July – Foundation of Guayaquil

The port metropolis of Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador. On 25 July, it celebrates the anniversary of its founding, and its patron saint, Santiago Apóstol, stands on a hill above the city. By the way, a cable car over the Guayas River has just been inaugurated there.

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»Faces of Ecuador

Niels Olsen

Ecuador has a new tourism minister. Niels Olsen says about himself: “I like to do things differently and have passion for my country and my Hacienda La Danesa. In doing so, I orientate myself towards the positive and the feasible. I get things done!”
Niels studied business in the US and completed a Master’s degree in Tourism at Monash University in Australia.

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»Legends and Myths

01/2021 Galetter Vulan Corazon

Corazón Volcano

Ecuador is full of legends and myths, such as this volcanic-style love drama: read about the formation of the Corazon volcano in the Andean highlands here.

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