Top 7 Attractions in the Amazon

Yasuní Nationalpark unterwegs auf Wasserwegen

No 1. Yasuní-Nationalpark – There is one thing that the entire world community could agree on – the Yasuní-Nationalpark is the most biologically diverse place on earth. Whoever wants to see how nature and God create earth must visit this treasured place. We recommend you to spend around 4 days in the national park to allow time to experience the wonders it has to offer. There are small luxurious lodges in the National Park, providing you ultimate comfort close to nature. You can get to the national park by plane which lands in Coca and travel to the lodges on Rio Napo. Check out the eco-friendly lodges here. Sadly, the national park has to pay the price for its abundant rich resources as the world turns a blind eye on the incessant oil drilling at the deepest part of the pristine Yasuní-National Park.

No. 2 Cuyabeno National Park – The seemingly endless lake and river landscape characterise the beautiful Cuyabeno National Park in northeastern Ecuador. Like the Yasuní-Nationalpark, it also has exceptionally high biodiversity. You can get there by plane via Largo Agrio and then with a boat. The best way to get around Cuyabeno National Park is canoeing. As you glide silently on the waters, it allows you to get close to the shores and unobtrusively observe the wildlife and nature. There are also several cosy lodges available, and more information can be found here.

Ausflüge im Cuyabeno Nationalpark in Ecuador

No. 3 Indigenous peoples – In the Amazon, there are many independent communities which continue to live a traditional way of life while defending and preserving their land from external forces and influences. The rainforest tours include a visit to the indigenous communities where you can admire the huts, rituals and exotic food eaten by the indigenous people. If you want to learn more about their struggle for survival, you can spend a few days with us in the TAWASP community of the Shuar and experience genuine everyday life with an indigenous family. The Shuar live an extremely healthy life, and their diet consists mainly of insects, fish and a wide variety of exotic plants and herb. Check out our tour where you can Visit Tzamarenda Naychapi and his family.

No 4. Amazon River Cruise – The Ecuadorians affectionately calls captain Raul Garcia, Capi. He has a special place in the people’s heart for building the only two river cruise ships on Rio Napo, the Anaconda and the Manatee. The unique cruises are unusually flat which helps to avoid sandbanks, even in dry seasons. The cruises sail smoothly on the river, allowing travellers to experience the Amazon peacefully. The cruise goes on for four to five-day trips to the border of Peru. Find more information about this amazing Amazon river cruise here.

Ecuador & Galapagos Luxury Travel: The River Cruise Ship Anakonda

No. 5 Cloud Forests – For those are averse to spiders, mosquitoes and reptiles, the cloud forests located on the eastern and western slopes of the Andes are the perfect spots for you. It is located at an altitude between 1,300 to 2700 metres. The clouds hovering over the Pacific develop a misty silvagenitus layer above the forest. It is home to a great variety of exotic birds. Around the corner, Mindo, a small town on the western slope of the Andes, like Baños, is known for its outdoor adventure activities. Currently, there are many ongoing projects which aim to convert secondary cloud forest into primary cloud forest. Successful examples of these projects include the Mashpi Lodge and the Maquipucuna Foundation.

No. 6 Upper Rio Napo – The rainforest located on the upper part of Rio Napo is not only high in biodiversity but also easily accessible from Quito. The area is reachable with a rented car and the drive there is stunning. From Archidona to Macas, you will find a wide range of rainforest lodges from something basic to absolute luxury. They also offer daily excursions or multi-day programmes to the surrounding areas. One of our favourite places in the region is the small town of Misahuallí, located directly at the mouth of the river. Cheeky monkeys pretty much take over the town square, and there is a long sandy beach on the riverbank. On the weekend, the town livens up with parties and live music.

Hütten am Fluss - Kapawi Regenwald Lodge

No. 7 Southeastern Amazon – This region is a gem tucked away from most tourists. A route from Quito to Baños leads to Shell, a village with a military base and a small airport which was created by the 1970s oil boom. Here chartered private planes will take guests to the award-winning Kapawi Ecolodge which is located in the Achuar reserve. Away from civilisation, this is the perfect getaway to relax and unwind. While it lies in the off beaten tracks, the journey is worth the while.