Well then you are in the right place. And so are your customers.

Though Galapagos PRO does direct online sales and provides telephone support to customers, we specifically aim for travel agency distribution.

Do you have customers who would like to book a trip to the Galapagos with you? Or would you like to get trained and incorporate the Galapagos Islands more in your future travel consulting? Just let us know. We would like to get to know you and your travel agency.

Info trip in April 2016 with travel agents (as part of the Galapagos PRO training)

Galapagos PRO training

We train travel agencies to become Galapagos pros upon request. The upcoming training dates are still to be determined.

Benefits for you:

  • Training in the form of five one-hour webinars
  • Info trip to the Galapagos
  • You become our specialists.
  • Exclusive marketing collaboration and marketing materials
  • We automatically direct customers on our website to you during the booking process: your contact on our page
  • Optional free membership to the Swiss Association of Friends of the Galapagos Islands

Intro webinars

Have you received inquiries from customers? Want to gain some knowledge about the Galapagos as a travel destination? Or do you just want start actively selling Ecuador?

Then take the two free introductory webinars that we offer together with the Willy Scharnow Foundation and become our agency partner!

Benefits for you:

  • Knowledge transfer in the form of two one-hour webinars
  • Support when advising customers
  • Commission for customer bookings

Upcoming training dates:


  • September 13/14 + September 20/21
  • October 11/12 + October 18/19
  • November 15/16 + November 22/23

Both webinars are offered twice a week, meaning you choose just one of the two sessions offered in a given week.

To sign up, fill out the registration form (here for download) and send it to info@galapagos-pro.com.


Plan a dream trip for your customers to the safest paradise on earth!

Get your customers to experience the Galapagos Islands on their own or through the eyes of our experts as part of a group trip. Our experts show you the most beautiful spots, take you to best photo ops and make your encounters with the locals, human and animal alike, a truly unique experience.

We offer two types of group trips with Galapagos pros: trips with a cruise (also open to singles and solo travelers) and trips without one (island hopping for landlubbers). The one you choose depends on how good your sea legs are. You can find group trip proposals here.

The flyers detailing the cruises with “rustic” (on the LegendFragata and Golondrina) and “luxury” (e.g., the Silver Galapagos and Isabela II) ships are intended for individual trips. All cruises with these ships are bookable here.

Download all flyers here: