Amazon cruise Anakonda wins the world travel awards 2016

The M/V Anakonda is the result of almost two decades of sailing experience in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, this is an iconic ship that was designed in the mind of a visionary man who loves this paradise more than anybody else.

Captain Raúl Garcia explains that when he saw this amazing rainforest for the first time, he fell in love with everything it encompassed, his affection grew even further with his dream of sharing this green destination with the world. Embracing his idea of creating a unique a river cruise that will take world travelers to an unforgettable journey in comfort, the Anakonda Amazon Cruise came to life with the purpose of bringing world travelers closer to the beauty of the Ecuadorian Amazon basin as well as to become a bridge for explorers who want to learn and take care of the largest natural oxygen producer on Earth.

Captain García is an ecotourism pioneer, who was able to exhibit the wonders found in the Ecuadorian Amazon to the world and convert the interest generated in this region into development opportunities for the local economy.

After this destination was presented to numerous tour operators around the world, the Anakonda Amazon cruise showed world travelers the benefits of preserving our ecosystem, promote an ecofriendly conscience, and create a sustainable development with tourism activities. This trip is not only an unforgettable experience in which you will learn about our fragile and changing environment, but an opportunity for local people to show proudly the beauties of their homeland.

It is thanks to our guest’s experiences in this captivating rainforest that today the Anakonda Amazon Cruise has been honored with the 2016 World Travel Award as South America’s Leading Boutique Cruise.

We are proud of this achievement, but more than that, we are proud of working with a select group of people whose efforts, commitment and passion made this award possible.

Join us in this adventure and enter with us a world only few people know!