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Beate Zwermann

This is what our clients say

“Even after out trip we are still overwhelmed by the beautiful country of Ecuador and its people. Thanks to Galapagos PRO we could expierence all of this!”

Jana Ziegler, travelled in October, 2016

„Ecuador has shown itself extremely clean, safe, friendly and well organized.
The country is varied and has relatively short distances so that different regions are easy to reach. The hotel infrastructure is astonishingly positive. We are enthralled by the country.“

Ariane Kain, travelled in March, 2016

„Galapagos is the paradise of earth. I thought that there is no place where you can get so close to exotic animals like those without any fear or hostility. What a crazy experience. My personal highlight: the South of Isabela Island.“

Uwe Koch, travelled in January, 2016

„Thank the Galapagos PRO team for the individual advice! Our 7-day cruise on the Aida Maria matched perfectly to our needs: we wanted to get to know the incredible diversity os the islands and its flora and fauna in a familiar atmosphere. The close encounters with the animals were a special highlight, not only for my son, but also for me! We were especially impressed by the fresh and delicious meals prepared everyday by the cook on the small boat.

Marlis Schlumpf, travelled in March, 2016

“Es war eine traumhaft schöne Reise, die wir beide nicht missen möchten – aber sie lebt ja weiter in der Erinnerung, verbunden mit wunderschönen Bildern. Haben Sie ganz herzlichen Dank für Ihr tolles Engagement und lassen uns in Verbindung bleiben.”

Family F., travelled in August, 2016